Sock Talk!

sock talk

Sock Talk!

How much time do you spend thinking about your socks? If you’re like most people, probably not much. But it’s important to choose the right socks. They provide a necessary layer of comfort between your feet and your shoes, and they can affect how shoes fit and feel. To help you choose the right socks, we’ve curated several customer favorite sock brands that meet a variety of sock uses and needs. Still not sure which socks will work best for you? Come in to Peterson Shoes and talk to one of our experts.



FitSok running socks are engineered using the best available practices for performance athletic sock design and fit. Advanced fabrics such as Comfortrel Polyester and CoolMax deliver durability, moisture management, and thermo protection. FitSoks are made in the United States and are packaged in multiples, so you always have a fresh pair available. Peterson Shoes carries both low cut and crew height.


Sweaty Feet?

Though completely normal, did you know your feet can sweat up to half a pint every day?  Surprisingly, each of your feet has about 125,000 sweat glands, more than any other part of your body. That can lead to hygiene problems, blisters, and discomfort if you are not wearing proper socks.

All 100% cotton socks absorb moisture, but cotton does not wick away sweat, leaving skin vulnerable. Cotton socks can also promote blisters, while the friction can wear holes in the heel padding of your shoe. It is a good idea to avoid cotton socks, if possible. Consider also carrying a change of socks with you, if necessary, to keep your feet dry and happy.



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Smartwool socks are made from a fine gauge merino wool blend, making them soft and non-itchy. Wool is a great insulator that acts as a temperature control for the feet – they keep feet warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Wool is moisture-wicking, and can hold a third of its weight in moisture before it even starts to feel wet. Cotton leaves the perspiration on the skin, making your feet feel cold and clammy. Wool also maintains its insulating properties when wet, and dries more quickly than cotton or synthetics.



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In addition to its wicking abilities, wool has natural anti-bacterial properties. Smartwool socks are naturally odor-resistant, and don’t have to be washed every time you wear them. But when they do need a wash, they are machine washable! Peterson Shoes carries many styles and sizes.


Smartwool socks are made in the United States, with wool from sheep who are raised humanely and using sustainable and environmentally-friendly farming methods. All growers are paid a fair price.



Sockwell wellness socks are made from fine merino wool, which is moisture-wicking and anti-bacterial and rayon from bamboo, with a seamless, non-irritating toe closure. Sockwell wellness socks will keep feet and shoes dry, while maintaining a comfortable temperature in both warm and cool conditions.


Sockwell compression socks have four zones of compression that minimize swelling by keeping blood from pooling in the foot. Compression socks stabilize muscles, as well as support and revitalize the blood vessels, reducing fatigue and minimizing varicose veins. Compression socks are recommended for:

  • Prolonged sitting or standing
  • Flying and traveling
  • Exercise and recovery
  • Minor to moderate swelling in the feet and ankles
  • Minor to moderate varicose veins
  • Relief from plantar fasciitis



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Sockwell plantar fasciitis relief socks have firm compression designed to soothe and comfort the Achilles tendon and reduce inflammation of the plantar fascia. They minimize swelling and reduce fatigue while boosting support and stabilization. Plantar fasciitis relief socks are recommended for:

  • Plantar fasciitis relief
  • Runners
  • Prolonged standing
  • Pregnant women
  • Those with high arches or flat feet
  • Very active people


Sockwell diabetic-friendly relaxed fit socks are seamless and non-binding to protect and pamper sensitive feet. They have a relaxed fit true rib top that doesn’t bind, but will not slip down. Made with accu-fit technology for the perfect all-day fit, they have a seamless toe closure and protective pressure that disperses cushioning underfoot.  Diabetic-friendly relaxed fit socks are recommended for:

  • Diabetics
  • Sensitive feet
  • People who don’t like binding socks


Darn Tough Socks

For nearly 40 years, the owners of Darn Tough have been knitting socks in the Green Mountains of Vermont. Made of fine Merino wool, Darn Tough socks have all weather comfort to keep you cool in summer and warm in winter. The socks are built tough for superior performance and durability, and they stay put and in place all day. Darn Tough socks have a lifetime warranty, which means that if they ever get a hole, the company will replace them!




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OS1st Socks

OS1st worked with podiatrists, athletes, and everyday wearers to create a top-quality high- performance compression sock. Their unique blend of Lycra, micro-nylon and nano-bamboo is moisture wicking to keep moisture away from your feet. The materials are treated with silver ion for an anti-microbial barrier to prevent bacterial growth and keep feet healthy. OS1st features Compression Zone Technology, stitching compression areas within the sock to target conditions, alleviating, and preventing pain.

Stay comfortable with a seamless toe and left/right specific construction that also prevents blisters and eliminates heel slip. Peterson Shoes carries several styles including Active comfort, Wellness Performance no show, Thin Air Performance, Plantar Fasciitis, Bunion Relief & WIDE wellness in both no-show and crew height.



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Do you have unique sock needs? Come on in and talk to the experts at Peterson Shoes. Our experienced staff, which includes certified pedorthists, can help you figure out which socks will make your feet feel great. We also carry a wide selection of clothing, jewelry and accessories. Visit our store to see what’s currently in stock!


Peterson Shoes is a family-owned shoe store and shoe repair shop serving the Andover, Anoka, Brooklyn Park, Coon Rapids and Minneapolis areas. We specialize in orthotic shoe inserts, shoes for plantar fasciitis and shoes for tendinitis. Come check out our selection of women’s and men’s shoes at 209 E Main Street, Anoka, MN.

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