Relieve Your Foot Pain with QUADRASTEP® Foot Orthoses

quadrastep orthoses system

Relieve Your Foot Pain with QUADRASTEP® Foot Orthoses

As we spend more time outside, it’s common to experience new or unusual foot pain. Many of our customers complain of foot, back and hip pain after time spent walking and running outdoors. One of the products we recommend for someone looking for a shoe insert are the QUADRASTEP® foot orthoses. This system is ideal for those who are experiencing pain or mobility issues, but don’t require a custom shoe insert. They are the closest you can get to aa custom orthotic without the expense of custom fabrication or the need to visit the doctor.

QUADRASTEP® is a more affordable alternative to custom shoe inserts, and are carefully designed to help with a variety of conditions. Today we’ll answer some of the most common questions we receive about this system.


What Are QUADRASTEP® Foot Orthoses?

Foot orthoses are shoe inserts that are designed to support your feet. They can improve overall posture and help to relieve pressure on the feet, which can reduce pain. QUADRASTEP® uses a system to classify your foot type and assign a recommended insert to best relieve that pain. You can learn more about the different kinds of QUADRASTEP® inserts on their website. There are six primary types of inserts that are designed for different conditions and pain symptoms. All QUADRASTEP® inserts are pre-made and ready to wear.


Why Are My Feet Important?

To many, it may be obvious that flat feet are often the cause of foot pain. But did you know that your foot structure, regardless of arch height, often contributes to common ailments such as shin, knee, hip or back pain? Our specialists can explain how properly balanced feet can dramatically improve your overall posture and strength in order to optimize your treatment outcomes and get you the results you deserve!


How Are Foot Problems Corrected?

The first step in addressing faulty foot mechanics is to determine the source of the problem. Some foot problems are acquired as a result of injury or pathology. Our specialists can determine what form of intervention, specialty shoes or orthoses may benefit you.

Often, faulty foot mechanics are not the result of injury but rather a congenital occurrence. Genetic studies now show that you may inherit your foot structure just like you inherit your eye color or other physical attributes. In such cases, foot orthoses can be the answer!

Foot orthoses serve to optimize foot and ankle alignment. Since your feet are the foundation of your body, orthoses can also balance your lower extremities, pelvis and spine.


What Are Some of the Most Common Conditions That May be Treated by Foot Orthoses?


There are a number of conditions that benefit from foot orthoses, but these are the most common:

  • Plantar Fasciitis (heel or arch pain)
  • Metatarsalgia (pain in the ball of the foot)
  • Neuromas & Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome (burning or tingling sensations)
  • Toe Deformities (bunions, hammertoes)
  • Tendinitis
  • Shin Splints
  • Knee Pain
  • Hip Bursitis
  • Lower Back Pain


How Do I Know If I Will Benefit from Foot Orthoses?

Our specialists may perform a lower extremity biomechanical assessment. This non-invasive examination typically involves a standing postural assessment, visual gait analysis, and examination of your foot for calluses. The entire assessment takes only 10- 15 minutes and will allow our specialist to determine your foot type and how it may be contributing to your symptoms.


Are All Foot Orthoses the Same?


No. Your genetic makeup dictates your foot type. There are a variety of foot types, but in general, all foot types can be sorted into six major categories. It is important to know exactly what foot type you have before orthoses are chosen. Each foot orthosis should be designed specifically for your foot type. In many cases, your left and right foot type may not be the same, and you will need two different types of orthoses, which is possible with QUADRASTEPS®.

For more involved conditions, a custom foot orthosis may be necessary. However, in most cases, the QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® of prefabricated foot orthoses may offer a more affordable solution to many problems.


What Makes the QUADRASTEP SYSTEM® Unique?

This patented foot orthotic system was founded on extensive research findings that have culminated in the optimal biomechanical correction for each type of foot. Unlike other prefabricated arch supports that have a “one-shape-fits-all” limitation, this system offers six alternative QUADRASTEP® orthotic solutions that are specifically tailored to each of the six major foot types. 


Can I Wear the QUADRASTEP® Foot Orthoses in Any Shoe?

No. QUADRASTEP® orthoses are considered “functional,” meaning they are deeper and more corrective than typical prefabricated arch supports. They function more closely to true custom orthoses versus lower profile arch supports. This means that they are designed for fit and use in athletic or casual-type footwear (ex: oxfords) and will not fit well into lower profile slip-on or heeled dress shoes.


How Long Do QUADRASTEP® Foot Orthoses Last?

Depending on usage and body size, a pair of QUADRASTEP® orthoses should last approximately 1-2 years.


Is There a Break-In Period?

Yes. Most people will be able to gradually increase their wearing time over a 7-10-day period, starting first with normal activities of daily living and gradually working towards more strenuous activities, such as sports. It is recommended that all foot orthoses be worn with socks to avoid blisters.


Should I Consider Additional Pairs of QUADRASTEP® Orthoses?

This is entirely up to you. Most often, one pair of orthoses will suffice. However, having additional pairs offers the convenience of not having to move them from shoe to shoe.


Does QUADRASTEP® Come in Children’s Sizes?

The QUADRASTEP® system does not come in children’s sizes. However, there is a companion system called littleSTEPS®, designed specifically for children. littleSTEPS® are designed to improve:

  • Flat feet
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Pain
  • Toe walking
  • Moderate in-toeing

Developmental flatfoot is one of the most common conditions affecting the musculoskeletal system of children and teenagers. There is a tendency to under treat or ignore a child’s flatfoot unless it is severe. Developmental flatfoot is a precursor to serious foot dysfunction and often results in some level of disability in the adult foot. Recognizing this anomaly early in life will save joints and musculoskeletal issues later in life.


Signs Your Child May Have a Foot Problem:

  • Your child cannot keep up with their peers
  • Your child withdraws from activities they usually enjoy
  • Your child does not want to show you their feet
  • Your child often trips and falls
  • The child’s parent(s) have flat feet (it can be genetic)
  • Your child complains of pain – it is never normal for a child to have foot pain!


LittleSTEPS® are Designed to Improve:

  • Flat feet
  • Coordination
  • Balance
  • Pain
  • Toe walking
  • Moderate in-toeing


Where Can I Get a Pair of QUADRASTEP® or LittleSTEP® Foot Orthoses?

Peterson Shoes is the only shoe store in Minnesota that carries this unique product. Unlike custom orthotics products, QUADRASTEP® does not require any fabrication or delivery time. As long as we have it in stock in the store, it’s ready for you to purchase and wear.  If we do not have the QUADRASTEP® you need, it can be ordered and delivered to you. Our experts will also help you find the right product to help with your concerns.


Contact Peterson Shoes at 763-421-3433 to schedule a private consultation, or visit our Twin Cities shoe store for more information.

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