New Rewards Program Is Here!

New Rewards Program Is Here!

We are excited to announce our new rewards program! No more coupons to search for or print. All you have to do is what you’ve always done – come to Peterson Shoes and make a purchase! Everything is done for you in our point of sale system.

When you have made purchases totaling $300, you will receive $25 off your next purchase. All items are included in the $300, from shoes to clothing and accessories to foot care (even clearance items!), so your total will add up fast! There is a two-week waiting period from the time you qualify for your reward to when it can be redeemed (just in case you make a return that reduces your total).

You’ll always know exactly how much more you need to spend to earn your reward because it is printed on every receipt. This is what you’ll see:

***Reward Program Reminder***

Spend $XXX more on eligible items and earn $25.00 off on a future purchase. Subject to program terms & conditions.

Here is what you’ll see when a reward has been earned:

***You’ve earned a Reward!***

$25.00 off; redeemable on a qualifying purchase between (Example) 1/16/2017 and 1/16/2018

As you can see in the example above, you have an entire year to claim your reward. So start buying and watch your rewards grow!

  • Donna Dahlheimer


    January 10, 2017at5:44 pm
  • Pam Durand

    Great idea!

    January 26, 2017at3:29 am
  • I haven’t seen coupon’s anywhere lately. Am I look in the wrong places or are they now online?

    My 12 EEEE New Balance need replacing! Any cost break I can get help A LOT!

    Does Peterson’s give a discount to Seniors?

    February 9, 2017at2:08 am
  • Jean Tong

    I want to be in rewards program

    May 7, 2017at9:10 pm
  • Cindy Fehn

    I have been purchasing shoes @ Peterson’s since 1973! I have tried other stores for shoes, but I always end up going back to Peterson’s. They certainly stand behind their products! I plan to make another trip down there in the spring. I did factory work which included a lot of standing on cement floors and on my feet all day long. I worked for 33 years and always depended on Peterson’s to keep me comfortable. Thank you!

    January 12, 2018at6:07 pm
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