Voted Minnesota’s Best Shoe Store

Minnesota's Best Shoe Store

Voted Minnesota’s Best Shoe Store


We are elated to announce Peterson Shoes has been voted MN Best Shoe Store in this year’s Star and Tribune annual search for Minnesota’s Best for our third consecutive year! How fun it was to watch this process and the results. We are absolutely thrilled and appreciate your continued support.


Minnesota’s Best Shoe Store 2023


We won! What an honor, first to be nominated by customers, friends, neighbors, and second to be named Minnesota’s Best. We are proud and humbled to be chosen and want to thank our dedicated, hard-working staff for their commitment to excellent customer experience.  We want to thank you because we would not have won, nor been a successful store all these years without our customers.

How did the nomination and selection work? First, we were nominated by customers, neighbors, and overall fans and added to Minnesota’s Best ballot. Star and Tribune promoted the voting and Minnesotans voted on their favorites in each category. The nominees and votes grow each year. Over I million votes were cast in this year’s competition! Check out all the winners here. 


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Who We Are


We are a family owned and run comfort shoe store that has been on Main Street in Anoka since 1880.  Mel Peterson purchased the store from the Gillespie family in 1940 and it continues to be run by his descendants.


What We Do


We offer a wide selection of running, walking, and hiking shoes and boots, as well as the latest trends in sandals, fashion boots and everyday footwear. Comfort and fashion go hand-in-hand at Peterson Shoes, so in addition to shoes, we also provide a curated selection of ladies’ clothing, jewelry, and handbags.


Every footwear consultant is trained to provide a complete assessment and measurement of customers’ feet and then suggest the footwear to best suit their needs. Employees learn and benefit from the extensive depth of knowledge of our owner Sandra Purtle, who has over 50 years of experience as a Certified Pedorthist (a specially trained healthcare professional who uses footwear and supportive devices to reduce pain in the foot). The staff at Peterson Shoes is here to help you find the best footwear for all your needs.


Our store carries a wide assortment of over-the-counter shoe inserts and is the only store in the state to fit Quadrasteps®, a patented orthotic system that is similar to custom-made, but at a more affordable price.


Read More: Relieve Your Foot Pain with Quadrastep® Foot Orthoses



Shoe Trends in 2023


Where do we go from here? Shoe trends change with every season. However, this year we are seeing color return in new and exciting ways. Bright tones stretch beyond summer as they fall lines are coming in now. Check out a couple of our guides for Flip Flop alternatives, or Hokas to see more on color trends. Though we love to see you in the store, check out the store here: shop now.


Also popular this year, more and more shoppers are looking for repairs of favorite worn shoes, handbags, and leather goods. When you have a favorite pair or product that is showing wear or even has damage, bring your item in for an expert repai


On Site Shoe Repair


Do you know the on-site cobbler, Bill Oestreicher? Bill has more than 40 years of experience and can fix almost anything from soles to heels, even leather rips and patches. He started learning his trade at 14, apprenticing with his father. After serving in the U.S. Army, Bill opened his shop in the back of Peterson Shoes in 1990. One of the last cobblers in our area, his work is renowned by those who have used his services. Not only for just shoe repair, ask about skate, handbag, and zipper repairs too. In addition he can do:

            • Leather full and half soles
            • Velcro straps
            • Coat, boot, and purse zippers
            • Leather rip and patch work
            • Rubber full and half soles
            • Heels


When your feet hurt, they are telling you something isn’t right, and that usually can be relieved with proper shoes. We all abuse our feet for convenience, style, or economy. From bad flip-flops to old sneakers, this year we heard from a lot of customers asking how long to keep old shoes around (no more than 500 miles or 6 months for primary shoes) and how to care for shoes so they last as long as possible.


Not sure which shoe style is right for your feet? Our trained staff can help you identify any problems you may be having, and recommend a shoe brand, style and any necessary add-ons to maximize your foot comfort and health. Contact Peterson Shoes at (763) 421-3433 for more information or to get started.

PRO Tip: even the best, most supportive shoes need high-performing socks to keep your feet healthy and comfortable. Check out our blog on sock options to learn more.






Peterson Shoes is a family-owned shoe store and shoe repair shop serving the Andover, Anoka, Brooklyn Park, Coon Rapids and Minneapolis areas. We specialize in orthotic shoe inserts, shoes for plantar fasciitis and shoes for tendinitis. Come check out our selection of Women’s shoes, apparel and accessories, and Men’s shoes at 209 E Main Street, Anoka, MN.

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