Free Foot Screening Clinic!

Free Foot Screening Clinic!

We are offering a free foot screening clinic on Friday, May 19, and Saturday, May 20, from 10 am – 2 pm both days. What exactly is a foot screening clinic? It’s an opportunity for you to bring your foot issues to our footwear experts to see if we can work together to find a solution to your pain. If you are enduring discomfort from runner’s knee, shin splints, stress fractures, or plantar fasciitis, Quadrastep® foot orthotics may reduce or eliminate your symptoms over time. Quadrasteps are a unique system developed by a physical therapist/certified pedorthist to deal with the issues mentioned above. They are a hybrid between over-the-counter orthotics and custom-made. Our staff is specially trained by the inventor of this product to identify your specific foot type and then dispense the proper Quadrastep to alleviate your pain.


If you are struggling with an uncomfortable foot problem, there is a possibility your child may have this same issue as foot structures and mechanics are often inherited. Your child may have flat feet, in- or out-toeing, foot pain, balance, or toe walking symptoms. If so, there is an orthotic called littleSteps ® that may be helpful for them as well.


Take this opportunity for a free evaluation on May 19 or 20 so you can set yourself up for a pain-free summer!


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